About BCD


BCD is a leading process engineering solutions company, and has been delivering high-purity process solutions to pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage, and chemical customers all over the world, since 1983.

With specific expertise in Product Formulation, Clean in Place, Clean Utilities and Thermal Treatment, our engineers are at the forefront in the development of innovative process, mechanical & automation solutions.


These solutions can be constructed as Modular Skids in our skid workshop, which provides 4000m2 of Assembly Space, with dedicated testing utilities and facilities. Or they can be part assembled, piped and wired on site by our field installation team.


We also provide a range of tanks, vessels and silos, either as standalone units or as parts of a complete process solution. BCD’s 5000m2 Vessel Workshop is second to none in this field. Specifically designed for stainless steel and high alloy materials, it can accommodate anything from the smallest pilot scale process vessels to the largest shop-built brewing fermentors.


Once the systems are fully assembled on site, dedicated teams of engineers, experienced in automation integration, commissioning and testing, take the systems through IQ, OQ and PQ, as required. This allows a smooth handover to the customer at the end of the project, with training included.

What we do

At BCD, we work in partnership with our customers to add value to their manufacturing operations. We achieve this through a dynamic combination of engineering design, consulting, manufacturing and servicing. In addition, a detailed understanding of our key market sectors allows us to provide innovative flexible solutions focused on whole of life costs. 


BCD strive to be the partner of choice, in the Life Sciences and Food & Beverage industries, for the provision of process engineering solutions for high purity applications.


Customer Focus

At BCD we believe delivering process solutions and services starts by understanding customers' requirements, always. Putting customers' needs first is at the heart of everything we do.

Customised Solutions

BCD solutions are designed to meet our customers' exact requirements, with no compromises.

Partnership Through Industry Expertise

Because BCD have an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory needs and future trends of our key industry sectors, we are trusted partners to our customers. 

Low Risk Execution

BCD have delivered numerous process solutions to our customers, all of which were completed on-time, within budget, and to specification. Our customers consider us to be a "safe pair of hands", ensuring minimum risk to their production and time to market plans.

Technical Conformance

Because we work in highly regulated environments, it is vital that BCD have the appropriate certifications to provide solutions that meet the technical standards demanded by regulatory bodies, our customers and the industries in which we operate.

Technical Conformance


BCD are committed to sustainability in the widest sense across all aspects of our business operations. From our impact on the environment (reduction in carbon footprint, waste and water usage), commitment to diversity, ethical behaviour in our supply chain operations (including working with our suppliers to ensure they also reflect our sustainability goals) and integration with our local community. BCD want to be part of creating a better world for the next generation.