Skids & Modules


Skids & Modules

Skid design, fabrication, assembly and testing take place ‘in-house’. This ensures maximum control of project activities and avoids the piecemeal design development that is typical of traditional “stick-built” systems. The assembly of systems in the company’s workshop offers savings up to 25% compared with on-site construction. The leveraged testing and qualification provide the client with the most cost effective validation solution.

The BCD vessels workshop is equipped with a high bay fabrication area that can accommodate vessels up to 300,000L, 20 tonne, 20m high and 6m diameter. The shop features automatic polishing facilities and has over the last 25 years met the challenge of building some of the largest shop-built polished vessels.

Biotech Modules

  • The Bio-Pharmaceutical sector has particularly grasped the benefits of modular construction, incorporating a number of large modules into its Plant Design. It has seen the speed at which the modules can be designed, built and tested in our workshop concurrent with the main construction effort at the clients’ site. Modules which lend themselves to this approach include.
  • Buffer Preparation & Hold Modules.
  • Media Preparation & Hold Modules.
  • Harvest Hold Modules.
  • Bioreactor Modules.
  • Purification Skids.

Biological Effluent Treatment

Effluent from Biotech, Biologics, and Research Labs can be contaminated with viable hazardous biological agents (including viral agents) and genetically modified micro-organisms.

BCD produce a range of systems designed to ACDP Guidelines to be able to collect, inactivate, cool and neutralise this waste such that it can be handled by the downstream waste treatment systems. These systems range from continuous to batch systems with direct steam injection or indirect heating, utilising economisers where appropriate to reduce the energy consumption. We have extensive experience of all containment levels up to ACDP CL4 Laboratory waste.

Clean / Steam in Place

  • Over complicated CIP sequences can be wasteful of utilities and energy, and take extended periods of time to complete. With the correct planning at the process development and facility design stage, CIP Engineering and Design can be simplified leading reliable and repeatable cleaning operations to and more efficient operation of plant. Our range of CIP Systems includes the following:
  • CIP Modules providing CIP as a Utility through valve blocks.
  • Stand alone CIP systems dedicated to process plant.
  • Small Portable CIP Systems and WIP Skids.
  • Integrated Steam-in-Place systems.

Clean Utility Systems

  • Critical utilities within any manufacturing facility are Pure Water and Clean Steam. The complete system from process water generation through to supply at final point of use must consist of all the equipment and controls necessary to purify raw water and consistently deliver process water to the required quality specification and in the specified quantities to all the user points required. We provide a genuine turnkey package of design, construction, automation and qualification for all aspects of the system including;
  • Generation.
  • Storage and Distribution.
  • Passivation.
  • De-rouging and Service & Maintenance.

Temperature Control

  • Process heating and cooling is the single largest energy consumer in most plants. It is also critical to process control especially in sensitive applications in the Bio-pharmaceutical industry. Primary utilities of Steam and Chilled water control a single fluid medium such as glycol in a secondary loop which is coupled to the heat transfer jacket on the process vessel. Our systems are custom designed for your application with energy efficiency, control accuracy, redundancy and reliability firmly in mind.