From the Skids and Vessels workshops to the installation sites, BCD’s 150 strong team of tradesmen have the qualifications, the experience and the resources to complete the construction and assembly of the most complex process installations. Our construction managers, production engineers, charge-hands, tradesmen and apprentices are fully committed to the highest standards of quality with no comprise on safety.


  • Our 5000m2 Vessel Workshop is dedicated to Stainless Steel, Hastelloy and other high alloy materials. Dedicated testing facilities and precision automatic polishing and machining allow us to be leaders in highly polished process vessels to the Biologics, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries. The shop has the capacity to handle up to 20 tonnes, 20m high, 6m diameter tanks and regularly builds Brewing Fermentors, Spray Driers, and Baghouse Filters.

BCD’s Skid Workshops extend to 4000m2 of assembly space with “cleanroom” spool-shops for high purity pipe-fabrication. Each of the shops have the capacity to handle the largest “road-going” process modules with experience of completing a module 30mL x 10mW x6mH. The shop also boasts dedicated testing bays for FAT which are fully serviced with utilities such as Clean Steam, Hot and Cold DI Water, CIP, Passivation, Plant Steam, Compressed Air etc..

Site Installation

  • Once the major elements of the projects have been constructed and tested in their workshops, BCD mobilise highly efficient and effective site engineering teams to complete the piping and installation on site. These teams are fully resourced with Site Offices & Workshops as required and equipped with the most modern certified plant for the installation. Safety is a primary concern throughout the company and therefore detailed method statements are followed to ensure that the work is carried out in the safest possible manner.